Four Wide: Evernham pledges $1 million to charity

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Rounding up some links for your weekend to keep you up with what's new in the NASCAR world. Enjoy, and feel free to hold court in the comments below.

• Impressive story of Ray Evernham pledging $1 million to the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. [Scene Daily]

• Mario Lopez is the honorary chairman of the season-ending race? Huh. Whatever works, I guess. [Catchfence]

• So it looks like Hendrick's era of dominance is about to come to an end. But what if Tony Stewart happens to win ... ? [Racin' Today]

• Pretty fascinating story about a guy who may have found one of Ayrton Senna's old F1 cars in a Utah attic. [Jalopnik]

• You really should read pretty much everything ESPN's Ed Hinton writes. Here's his take on Richard Childress. []

• Michael Schumacher said that deaths in motorsports are "fate," not necessarily design failure. [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

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