Four Wide: Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks forward to Atlanta

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is feeling good about his chances at Atlanta Motor Speedway: "It’s a wide track, and it gets slick. Atlanta is a driver’s track – if one groove doesn’t work, then you can find another one. It’s a fun track, and it’s a fast track." If he can beat out Jimmie Johnson, he'll have even Junior Haters cheering for him. [Scene Daily]

• NASCAR is having all kinds of problems -- attendance, ratings, on-track action. So is the time right for IndyCar to step up and take advantage? Well, they do have this weapon called "Danica Patrick" -- nobody's sick of her yet, right? [San Diego Union-Tribune]

• What do Jimmie Johnson and Darrell Waltrip have in common as drivers? Stinkin' up the show, that's what. [Racin' Today]

• New racing edict: the last-place finishing, non-wrecked car will also be subject to inspection. Hmmm. Guess all those "engine failures" on start-and-parkers will suddenly stop occurring, huh? [LA Daily News]

Nelson Piquet Jr., despite running well in ARCA and Truck races this season, apparently won't have a sponsor for Atlanta. Shame. [Autoweek]

• Welcome new TNT broadcaster Adam Alexander, who'll be handling play-by-play (lap-by-lap?) duties for TNT's Summer Series of racing. Lindsay Czarniak also gets a bump up to hosting duties pre- and post-race. [ via Yahoo! Sports]

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