The first Yahoo! Sports fan Q&A with Travis Kvapil. Join in!

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Not every day that you get a NASCAR driver to answer your questions, but today's your lucky day, friends. Travis Kvapil and David Gilliland have agreed to take your questions for the rest of the season. The only restriction? Make 'em good ones. None of this "what's your mindset heading into Chicago" or "how did your car handle tonight?" nonsense. You guys think you can ask better questions than the media regulars? Now's your chance.

Today it's Travis, and next week we'll alternate with David. So post your questions below or send them to Each week, we'll round up a few good ones and fire 'em at our guys. Let's begin!

You were involved in a bit of a dustup at the track on Saturday night. How do you calm down after a wreck?

It just takes your crew chief, your guys, your spouse telling you you did a good job, you did the best you could. More than anything, it just takes time.

I got tangled up with Dale Jr., and the reaction is, "I want to wreck his butt," you know what I mean? I want to go after him and wreck him. But then you've got people on the radio telling you "he's in the Chase, race smart." Honestly, after a few minutes, you take a few breaths, and once you start running again, you get back focused on what the race car's doing or what you need to do to finish your night off strong.

Do you have any superstitions? Anything you have to have in the car with you?

You know, not really. Growing up one of my dad's best friends that helped work on my car stayed away from peanuts. Not really sure where that came from, that short-track superstition. That's about the only thing; I don't really have any rituals, the one thing i do is stay away from peanuts.

You get a stereo installed on your car for races. What are you going to play?

Anything but country! I go in phases. I like heavy rock and roll like Disturbed and Metallica, that type of stuff. Then I'll flip over and listen to Wiz Khalifa or Jay-Z too, and top 40 stuff at well.

Do you ever venture into the infield at tracks?

Sometimes. I used to more than I do now. I try to stay away from it now to stay focused on what we're doing as a team, or have dinner with the guys, things like that.

Outside of track itself, what do you enjoy most about Chicago?

It's close to home. It's only about an hour and a half, two hours from where I grew up. Any time you get close to home there's a comfort zone. I've got friends and family coming to the track. Chicago's a great track, but more than anything, it's just back to the Midwest for me.

Travis will be running the No. 55 this weekend at Chicago. Get those questions for his next visit ready, friends.

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