The Fireball Cup standings have a new leader, and you’ll never guess who

Catching up with our year-long Fireball Cup competition, recognizing excellence in the field of NASCAR brawling. And check this out: our new leader has come from nowhere to take charge of the competition in just one race!

Recall our rules, which can and do change on a whim:

• Verbal/Twitter exchange; slightly aggressive driving leading to issues: 1 point
• Bumping cars in an aggressive, making-a-point fashion: 2 points
• Spin, non-critical: 3 points
• Spin, critical: 4 points
• Out of car, punches thrown: 5 points

Fireball Cup stats, Talladega and Darlington:

• Ryan Newman's crew going after Kurt Busch: 2 points
• Kurt Busch, screaming his head off over the radio: 1 point
• Busch, aggressively burning out through the 39 pit stall: 2 points
• Busch, ramming his car into Newman's on pit road: 2 points
• Busch, shouting at the 39 crew himself: 1 point
• Danica Patrick, spinning out Sam Hornish Jr.: 3 points
• Tony Stewart, aggressively mouthing off toward Talladega: 1 point

Which gives us current standings of:

1. Kurt Busch: 6 points
T2. Jeff Gordon, 4 points
T2. Danica Patrick, 4 points
T4. Dale Earnhardt Jr., 3 points
T4. Ryan Newman, 3 points
6. Jimmie Johnson, 2 points
T7. Kevin Harvick, 1 point
T7. Matt Kenseth, 1 point
T7. Joey Logano, 1 point
T7. David Ragan, 1 point
T7. Tony Stewart: 1 point

It's just not a brawl without a Busch involved, is it? All is starting to get right with the world. Bravo to Patrick for getting the largest (so far) individual penalty. And look for more to come this weekend at the All-Star Race.

Your turn. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

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