Feud of the Week: NASCAR vs. Mother Nature

We're going to depart from the Jeff Gordon-Jimmie Johnson "rivalry" and go to the biggest feud of the week, even though it involved a sanctioning body and the earth. Where's Bill France Sr. when you need him?

The joke around NASCAR circles is that if your area of the country is suffering from a drought, just wait for a NASCAR race to come nearby and your rain gauge will be overflowing before you know it.

Texas was the second time in three weeks that NASCAR had to race on a Monday and given the conditions over Saturday and Sunday, this was looking like a repeat of Michigan in 2007 when the Sprint Cup race had to be run on a Tuesday.

Since 2007, NASCAR has had some horrid luck with the weather. By my count, 12 Sprint Cup races in the past three years and eight races have been either shortened by rain or postponed. And that's not counting qualifying, which has been rained out a ton over the past few years.

One place that has seemingly been immune to the rain is Talladega, which has seen most of its races in that time period under the bright sunshine. The forecast for this weekend? Well, cross your fingers. (Yes, I realize that forecasts from this far out are notoriously unreliable. Let's just hope that it's incorrect this time too.)

Sorry NASCAR fans, I wish there was something we could do about the weather. Since we don't have Big Bill France powers, we'll just continue to hold our Monday chats and gently remind you that yes, the race is on television.

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