Feud of the week: Juan Pablo Montoya and Jamie McMurray

This one was obvious, wasn't it?

The words that Juan Pablo Montoya publicly had for Jamie McMurray after their collision in Sunday's Shelby American were pretty heated for anyone, let alone a teammate.

McMurray and Montoya were racing for position when McMurray -- who was on the inside -- got a little loose entering turn three and and slid into Montoya, sending the Target car into the wall. As you can see, McMurray was caught up in it, as well as Kurt Busch, so he didn't get off scot free:

The war even extended to Twitter, where Montoya's wife Connie even had some choice words for McMurray (in Spanish) seemingly comparing him to the McClown. (No word on if that was in reference to Michael McDowell and Danica Patrick's incident in Saturday's Nationwide race or Ronald McDonald.)

However, McMurray responded on his Twitter that the incident was being blown out of proportion.

(Side note: Twitter has already become the place to go to get driver reaction. Something else happened in NASCAR this weekend that first came to light on Twitter as well. More on that tomorrow.)

Montoya's reaction was understandable because he had a pretty good car, but also surprising given the recent Sports Illustrated article that talked about how well that McMurray and Montoya got along.

Does this spell the end for the great chemistry at Earnhardt Ganassi? I have my doubts that it does, as McMurray doesn't seem like the type of personality that would keep a feud simmering, especially given his newfound status since winning the Daytona 500.

Think this feud has any legs? Or like most NASCAR dustups these days, will this be long forgotten by the time the green flag drops at Atlanta?


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