Feud of the week: Greg Biffle and ... Joey Logano?

It's not completely unfathomable that Greg Biffle would be involved in a NASCAR feud. After all, who can forget Kevin Harvick jumping over cars to go after Biffle after a Nationwide race?

(Look! Harvick had hair!) However, that's Harvick, who's not exactly the most mild-mannered driver on the circuit. Given Biffle's general affability, it's kind of surprising that he's skirmishing with... Joey Logano? Again?

Maybe it's something about Auto Club Speedway, because that's the only trigger that I could think of that makes Biffle and Logano want to rip each other's fenders off.

Last year, Biffle was frustrated with the way that Logano was racing, so in the fall Nationwide race at Auto Club Speedway, he radioed to his crew that he was going to put Logano in the wall. And he did a much better job than Denny Hamlin on Brad Keselowski at Homestead, because the hit sent Logano careening into the wall. (Lest we forget, that was when Tom Logano, Joey's dad, got his NASCAR credentials revoked for sprinting down pit road to tell Greg Biffle he was number one ... or something like that.)

Like most NASCAR skirmishes, that one seemed to flare out as quickly as it ignited, but once the two got to California, the prospect of a green-white-checker finish was like lighter fluid.

Biffle claims Logano -- who was leading at the time -- spun his tires. Logano claims that it was unnecessary for Biffle to shove him down the front straightaway. My theory is that Biffle wanted to prevent Logano's Mario-Kart car from being able to drop a banana peel in his path on that final restart, and the easiest way to do that was to close the opening at the rear of Logano's car. However, no one at NASCAR headquarters has been willing to verify it.

Neither won the race, as Biffle finished second and Logano fifth while sliding through the grass thanks to the bumper of Brad Keselowski. (Incidentally, more and more it seems like Keselowksi's playing NASCAR 06 with the Joe Gibbs Nationwide cars, frantically hitting the "intimidate" button whenever he's behind one.)

Either way, it looks like this unlikely rivalry (Biffle is twice Logano's age) still has some spark to it, even though we may have to wait until the second Nationwide race at Auto Club Speedway for Act III.

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