Your favorite NASCAR drivers will stalk you, courtesy of Gillette

Hey gang -- the closer we get to Daytona, the more your favorite sponsors and drivers start to gear up their big-time ad campaigns. And there aren't many bigger than this Gillette "500 miles" one. Gillette is looking to shave 500 miles of face -- why, that's almost as big as Carl Edwards -- and you're going to be along for the ride. Now, your drivers come to watch you -- but you may not be as thrilled about that as you think.

First, Joey Logano and Kyle take to the ice:

More follows!

Next, Carl Edwards and Clint Bowyer pursue an alternative occupation, but one for which they're well suited:

And finally, Kasey Kahne and Denny Hamlin get ... well, a little creepy, frankly:

For more info on the Gillette 500, visit And be careful for those NASCAR drivers; they could be waiting to jump you at any moment.

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