F1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone not optimistic about New Jersey race happening next year

Construction is underway for the planned 2013 New Jersey Grand Prix, but that's no guarantee that the event will actually be held next year. Bernie Ecclestone, the man in charge of Formula 1, isn't sure that the circuit will be ready.

When asked about the race happening, Ecclestone said "No. Definitely, no." And then he said this:

From Autosport via Yahoo! Eurosport:

"We'll have to see, I need to go and have another look," added Ecclestone. "What I've seen up to now, and what's been going on, I'm not quite as sure as they are. If they can get it completed, and confirm to us it will be done, for sure they'll be on the calendar."

When asked if he was worried that the event will be ready in time, he said: "Yeah. Exactly."

That's not exactly a ringing endorsement about the race's immediate future, even if Sebastian Vettel turned some laps on the projected course, which will have a distinct view of the New York City skyline, recently.

You may remember that there was similar handwringing over the Formula 1 race scheduled to take place in November in Austin -- and Ecclestone even made similar comments about the race last year, saying at one point that he wouldn't bet on the race happening. But, somehow, those worries didn't become reality and the race is a go for the fall. Will we see the same scenario play out for New Jersey?

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