Even those F1 drivers get in on Fight Week every now and then

We in NASCARland tend to think of Formula One drivers as being dandy dilettantes, more concerned with image than the grease-under-the-fingernails reality of racing. But every so often, something goes wrong that you simply can't ignore with a simple sniff of your upturned nose while you waltz into the Monaco sunset with your Italian supermodel girlfriend.

The year? 1982. The place? The German Grand Prix. The players? Nelson Piquet and Eliseo Salazar. You can debate for yourself whether Piquet got greedy or Salazar didn't give ground, but either way, the result was the same: into the barriers for both of 'em. And then it got frisky:

Judo chop! Still, that one needed to go to the ground. Don't just walk away, Nelson! Aw, the Allison brothers would've eaten you guys alive.

[Hat tip: Jalopnik]

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