Even professional race car drivers lose their car keys

If you follow Team Penske IRL driver Ryan Briscoe or his wife, ESPN NASCAR Now host Nicole Briscoe on Twitter, you may be familiar with Ryan losing the keys to his brand new smart car.

As the rain washed out testing at Kansas Speedway today, I had the chance to ask Ryan if he ever found the key. (Spoiler Alert: no, he never did)

"On the way back (from the St. Petersburg race) I'm looking in my backpack and looking for the key and I have no idea. So I told one of my buddies from the team that 'Hey, hang around because I might need a lift home.' I got my suitcase out, looked through the whole suitcase. Checked the airport, the hotel, Avis, it never showed up," Briscoe said.

"I don't know, I must have dropped it somewhere. And then what happened--it was a disaster--I drove to the dealership because they told me that they had a spare key for me. So the dealership's like an hour from my house and I say 'Hey I'm here to pick up the spare key' and they say 'did you bring the smart car with you?' And I'm like 'No, because I lost the other key at the airport...'"

The car had to be hardwired at the dealership for the key to be synced with the car.

"So we had to get the car towed to the dealership and then they get it down there and then they say the couldn't sync the new key to it without the primary key. So then they had to have, from Smart USA, a mother key or some computer module sent to the dealership to sync a brand new key to it," Briscoe said.

"It took two weeks but now I'm good."

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