ESPN going ‘nonstop’ with split-screen racing throughout Chase

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Well, well, well ... Fox Sports, ESPN sees your split-screen for one commercial break, and raises you split-screen for all ten Chase races.

Here's how it'll shake out, according to a Tuesday announcement: for the final 10 races, "NASCAR NonStop" (why's the "S" capitalized?) will show the second half of the race without interruption. As you can see in the mockup above, the race and the ticker will run as the majority of the screen real estate will be covered with an advertisement. The first half of the races, along with the initial seven non-Chase races, will run with standard commercial breaks.

"Since we returned to NASCAR racing in 2007, one of the most common questions from our fans has been 'why don't you do the commercials side-by-side?'" John Skipper, ESPN executive vice president for content, said in a statement. "We're very pleased to be able to do it now with NASCAR NonStop and showcase the advertiser while still showcasing the race." Hey, that's not an answer! But we got what we wanted, so we'll let it slide.

Now, long as Fox and ESPN are in the business of giving fans what they want, let me throw out a few more requests: Internet streaming. User-selectable camera angles. And also a pony. Get on that, guys.

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