Elliott Sadler says crash was hardest in NASCAR history

Elliott Sadler said that NASCAR officials told him that his crash in Sunday's Pennsylvania 500 was the hardest hit ever recorded in NASCAR.

From ESPN.com:

NASCAR did not give Sadler the number of G-forces recorded by the black box device and the governing body typically does not release that information.

"We do not share those numbers except with the team and the folks at the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility at the University of Nebraska," NASCAR said in a statement.

"They want to meet with me this weekend," Sadler said on Tuesday. "But we were told this morning that it was the hardest one they have in their data in history."

That means harder than Kyle Petty's 2003 crash at Bristol which, according to published reports, was the hardest at the time at more than 80 Gs (80 times the force of gravity).

It bears repeating that it's a testament to NASCAR's safety initiatives that Sadler walked away from the crash virtually unhurt. The same can't be said for Sadler's engine, which was immediately homeless after it bounced off the steel barrier.

Pocono Raceway officials haven't announced any intentions to make the inside walls around the track safer before 2011. But given the reaction to the crash, hopefully safety changes are inevitable.

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