Edwards, Harvick renewing their feud

(Yes, that's a picture of Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick from 2008. Read on; it'll make sense.)

So much for a boring NASCAR. All of a sudden, the sport is starting to resemble the mid-90s west coast/east coast gangsta rap war. Eventually, everyone's gonna have to take a side.

Bristol was everyone's first chance to talk in depth with the media about the Carl Edwards/Brad Keselowski dustup of two weeks ago, and everybody was armed for bear. Especially Carl Edwards, who came out firing. On Friday morning, the AP's Jenna Fryer asked Edwards about the perception that he may have an anger-management problem, and he replied:

"That's fine. People are going to say what they do ... That's all they can say about me because it's hard for them to accept that I am a decent guy.''

Fryer then brought up comments Kevin Harvick made earlier this week ("I'll be honest with you, I'm not a huge Carl Edwards fan. I think he's fake as hell"), and all of a sudden, things jumped up a level:

"I have absolutely no respect for Kevin Harvick. I think he's a bad person. That's my opinion. I've told him that ... We've had our deal before and his actions through that ... were so devious and underhanded and cowardly that I just have no respect for him ... When people like that question me, it makes me feel better because if those people were lined up patting me on the back, I'd be on the wrong side of what's right and wrong. And I truly believe that."

Later Friday, Harvick, naturally, didn't back down from his comments, and neither did his wife Delana. In response to another Edwards quote: "I don't go talk behind their back like little girls, that's what a lot of them do" -- she replied on Twitter, "no he just leaves notes in planes!"

That, of course, is a reference to the 2008 fight between Edwards and Harvick. Edwards and Greg Biffle had collided at Talladega. Harvick, who was taken out in the ensuing wreck, didn't hold back when interviewed, and Edwards apparently later left a note in his plane that read, "I was really trying to screw up everyone's day. Love, Carl.''

So, yeah -- it's on now. Edwards! Harvick! Keselowski! Who ya got?

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