Drivers take to Twitter for some Q&A, giveaways

If you need any more evidence that we're not living in the old days of NASCAR -- and that's not always a bad thing -- you need look no farther than Wednesday, when no less than five past and current Sprint Cup drivers jumped on Twitter for some impromptu question-and-answer sessions with whatever lucky fans happened to be online at the time. (You can tell they're the real guys, because they tend to be, shall we say, less concerned with rules of grammar and spelling than their PR reps.) Here's a sample:

Denny Hamlin (@dennyhamlin): "yes i miss tony [Stewart] as a teammate.. but we are closer now then when we were actually teammates.. he is very good to me on the track." Hamlin also revealed that it costs about $120,000 to run a truck race.

Kyle Busch (@kylebusch), on what color M&M is his favorite: "Red. He just like me. Hard outside. Soft sweet inside. Lmao"

Kyle Petty (@kylepetty) gave the reason for why his father used to race with a rag in his mouth: "kept his mouth from drying out"

Elliott Sadler (@elliott_sadler) gave his preferred form of fried baloney burgers: "fried in onions and green peppers wit butter!!"

Plus, Kevin Harvick (@kevinharvick) gave away tickets to Bristol and asked fans to help him select his intro song at BMS, and Scott Speed (@scottspeed) asked fans for fashion tips: "Should I dye my hair black with Blue chunks? Kinda like Scott from Austin powers? If I get 75% Y I am ganna do it for Bristol! Promise ;)"

OK, so it's not groundbreaking info, but it's still a cool connection to drivers. The people who are on Twitter, Facebook and other social-networking services are a tiny fraction of the overall fanbase. But those who are, are more plugged in than anybody else. So jump on -- follow The Marbles at @jaybusbee if you do -- and get in the game. You never know when your favorite driver might give you a shout.

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