Driver tries to fight other driver, gets dragged along racetrack

Drivers, word to the wise: we get it that when you're ticked off at someone else, you want immediate and total retribution. However, you have to remember: your targets are often driving freaking cars. So if you go crazy trying to exact revenge, it may not work out exactly how you'd like.

Our scene: Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C., scene of weekly racing. And in one race this past weekend, a fella named Derek Stoltz somehow decided to get an entire family mad at him. On the race's final lap, he spun race leader Bryant Robertson, then turned Bryant's brother Mike.

During Stoltz's victory lap, Mike Robertson then decided to do what Tony Stewart, Robby Gordon, Danica Patrick and so many others have done before him: rage at Stoltz while the race is still going on. Unfortunately, Robertson got hung up on Stoltz's car and got flung into the wall. Bryant Robertson, meanwhile, was held up by security and unable to catch up to Stoltz.

Moral of the story, then: careful about when you fight somebody. Maybe wait until they're in the Port-A-Potty or something.

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