Drag racin’ yoga instructor takes car for a full spin, keeps right on rolling

Yoga teaches you to calm your mind, to let go of your worldly concerns and troubles and embrace the infinite. It also gives you some amazing reflexes behind the wheel, apparently.

Meet Amy Taub, a yoga instructor who drag races in her spare time for her family's team, T&F Racing. While at full throttle, Amy had quite the spin at Atco Dragway in New Jersey, but managed to wheel her way right out of the skid. Not a bad move at 140 miles per hour.

You can see the full video from the spin and her run right here. Best part of that video is the thumbs-up she shoots the ambulance that had come racing out onto the track, sirens flaring, to rescue her from what everyone assumed would be a vicious crack-up.

We'd tell you not to try this at home, but we don't think you could even get close to that.

[Via The Big Lead.]

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