Donovan McNabb tweets kudos to Danica Patrick for winning the Daytona 500 a week early

Hey Donovan, I'm sure Danica appreciates the sentiment, but you got your facts mixed up.

The former NFL quarterback sent his congratulations to Danica Patrick after she won the pole for the Daytona 500 on Sunday but instead of congratulating her for that achievement, he was a week ahead of himself.

Yes, Patrick is the first female to win a pole in the Sprint Cup Series (and thus the Daytona 500), so it's a historic achievement. But the Daytona 500 is next week.

And outside of the fact that McNabb got his Danica Patrick accomplishments mixed up, does anyone else think that tweet looks like it came straight out of translating software with phrases like "the Illinois native Danica Patrick" and "win in a big race with this magnitude"? Or is that just us?

McNabb played 11 seasons with the Eagles and then finished his career with the Vikings and Redskins. In 2008, McNabb famously admitted that he didn't know that a regular season NFL game could end in a tie after his Eagles tied the Bengals. He now works for NFL Network.

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(H/T to The Big Lead)

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