Dogecoin raises enough money to sponsor Josh Wise at Talladega

Dogecoin raises enough money to sponsor Josh Wise at Talladega

Dogecoin has done it again.

After sending an Indian luger and the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics, the Dogecoin community has raised enough money to sponsor the No. 98 of Josh Wise for the May 4 race at Talladega.

Dogecoin is a virtual currency built upon a dog meme -- each Dogecoin is worth less than a cent -- and the group raised the $55,000 necessary for the wrap on Wise's Phil Parsons Racing car.

The team confirmed the sponsorship would happen to the Sporting News Tuesday night.

Now that the fundraising has been done, the Dogecoiners (is that a term? Note: we've been told it's not. They're shibes.) are embarking on the hardest part of the job; picking a paint scheme. Entries are being accepted for what Wise's car will look like, and we hope the most absurd paint scheme is picked. If Kyle Busch can drive a pink car with hearts on it, we can have a random internet meme car, right?

And since the Dogecoin folks picked the No. 98, does that mean Phil Parsons Racing is the NASCAR equivalent of the Jamaican bobsled team? Well, we don't think anyone will make a movie about a NASCAR team owner (and television analyst) who has primarily had his cars start and park throughout his ownership career, but who knows.

On most tracks, the No. 98 would have equivalent chances of winning as the Jamaican bobsled team does. But since it's Talladega, it could be the team's best shot at a win. Just look at the Front Row Motorsports guys last year when David Gilliland pushed David Ragan to the win.

This year, the No. 98 has qualified for four of the season's first five races and has a season-high finish of 23rd at Bristol.

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