Dodge reveals new nose for its 2011 Sprint Cup cars

Car lust! Check the new nose that will grace Dodge's Sprint Cup cars come 2011, in the top photo. (The current CoT nose is pictured below for comparison's sake.) Dodge and Penske worked together to design the nose, and the design was approved by NASCAR last week.

Like the Nationwide cars this season, many Sprint cars will feature new nose shapes starting in 2011. Ford and Dodge will have new nose shapes, while Chevrolet and Toyota's shapes will be the same as this year. You'll also note that the front splitter is new, without the braces necessary to hold it in place.

The new Dodge look is designed to complement the 2011 Dodge Charger, a move which addresses one loud segment of fans' complaints: that the cars look nothing like the vehicles you can buy yourself. So there you have it: If Kurt Busch or Brad Keselowski wins on Sunday, you've got to go buy a Charger on Monday. It's the law.

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