Denny Hamlin's pit crew team reigns supreme in challenge

Things keep on going right for the No. 11 team, as Denny Hamlin's crew won the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Crew Challenge presented by Craftsman. (Love ya, sponsors.) Hamlin's Hamsters defeated the No. 31 team, the 2009 champions, but Burton's gang still holds the event's record.

"We thought it was weird that Denny made us all get arthroscopic surgery just like he did," one unidentified crew member said.* "Hurt like hell, I can tell you that. But you can't argue with results."

The Pit Crew Challenge recognized and rewarded the great unknowns of the NASCAR world, both in team and individual competitions. And, for those of you with way too much time on your hands, here are your individual winners:

Jack Man: Nate Bolling, No. 11 team
Gas Man: Brad Pickens, No. 5 team
Catch-Can Man: Travis Gordon, No. 5 team
Front-Tire Changer: Nick O'Dell, No. 18 team
Front-Tire Carrier: Brad Donaghy, No. 18 team
Rear-Tire Changer: Dustin Necause, No. 33 team
Rear-Tire Carrier: Matt Kreuter, No. 33 team

O'Dell, in particular, is a three-time individual champion and two-time team champion.

Congrats to all the winners. Enjoy your well-deserved turn in the spotlight. Now, head on back to the pits, where we'll only pay attention to you if you drop a lug nut or leave a jack hanging.

* — May not be a crew member. May in fact be a figment of the writer's imagination.

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