Danica withdrawals? Watch the GoDaddy.com Bowl

Admit it, with doldrums of the racing offseason kicking in, you're jonesing for a fix of Danica Patrick

Patrick is scheduled to flip the coin before the GoDaddy.com Bowl in Mobile Thursday night. Yes, the GoDaddy.com Bowl not only exists, but it's played after New Year's Day in Mobile, Alabama. Plus, it pits two powerhouses in Miami (Ohio) and Middle Tennessee State. (See, Patrick's appearance may be the highlight of the telecast.)

Maybe Patrick should let that coinflip decide her future plans. Patrick said that she'll run in the Cup Series only if she makes the switch to stock cars full time.

"Unless I plan on doing NASCAR there is less of a point of doing Cup. I have a long way to go to establish whether or not if (NASCAR) is what I want to do. I suppose at some point in time I'll have to choose but I don't have to yet."

For her troubles -- she was also the grand marshal of the parade on Wednesday -- Patrick got jerseys from both teams and a "PATRICK7" license plate from MTSU. "I'll have to put this on my rental car next time I'm in Tennessee," she said. "Maybe it can serve as a get-out-of-jail-free card."

Apparently commercials don't imitate real-life. Who knew?

(Yes, I know Miami won the MAC)

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