Danica Patrick admits she was angry at boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. over wreck (OMG!!!)

Brad Keselowski wrecked Danica Patrick during last week's Coca-Cola 600, in part because Patrick's boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. didn't give ground. The moment it happened, you could almost hear NASCAR Nation perking up, like when the Homecoming Queen and King start sniping at each other in the high school cafeteria. OMG did u see what just happened?!?, and all that.

Friday at Dover, Patrick opened the RV door just a bit on their relationship, and conceded that, yep, she was a little ticked that her two-laps-down boyfriend didn't give her the room she needed.

“I was definitely upset and angry about the situation," Patrick said. "I was a little bit upset with him. Yeah, I was, and we talked about it. It’s absolutely fine now and we were fine by the end of the ride home. That’s what happens out there. Tensions are high and so are emotions.”

Someone asked if Patrick got "a nice dinner" out of the wreck, and she dusted off the question with practiced ease: “Did I get a nice dinner out of it, let’s see. No, went home and went right to bed. I think I ate something on my bus. I think I had half of a banana, a little chocolate protein shake and two beers. That’s what I had.” In other words: you got your money quote already, guys; don't push it and get creepy.

It's important to note that the actual cause of the wreck, Brad Keselowski, took full responsibility for the wreck immediately afterward: “I was three-wide with Danica and didn’t know it and I cut her off and wrecked her and myself," he said. "I feel bad for her and I send my apologies to her."

Patrick also doesn't begrudge the fact that her relationship draws so much attention from fans. "I understand it’s interesting," she said. "I’m sure I would want to know how that all went down after the race too. We’re an entertainment sport, so I get it."

All the same, Ricky ... a dozen roses waiting in the ol' RV after qualifying couldn't hurt, ya know?

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