Dale Jr. is back in victory lane ... sort of

Shaquille O'Neal ventured to North Carolina to take on "the best" — his words, not mine — NASCAR has to offer in the form of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

How did he do in this week's episode of ABC's "Shaq Vs."?

Well, let's first discus how Shaq actually got into the race car. At 7-foot-1, climbing through the driver's side window was out of the question, so Shaq got in through the roof. That's right, they had to cut away part of the roof of the race car just for Shaq to get in.

From there, Shaq and Junior competed in two races at the half-mile Concord Speedway.

Race No. 1 was a five-lap sprint in which Shaq was spotted a one-lap lead. Shaq's lap times were about five to six seconds slower than Junior's, and while he held onto the lead for most of the four laps, Junior passed him coming off of Turn 4 of the final lap.

"I was scared [expletive]-less," Shaq said of Junior flying by him. "Eighty-five percent of America knows how to drive a car, so at home I'm one of the first ones who says, 'I can do that.' Nice suit. Nice crew. Nice helmet. But this right here is hard work."

Race No. 2 was 10 laps. Shaq didn't receive a one-lap lead, but Junior had to make two four-tire pit stops with a pit-road speed of 35 mph. After pitting for the first time on Lap 3, Junior regained the lead on Lap 5. He came back down pit road on Lap 6 and went a half-lap down. Shaq took the white flag with the lead but couldn't hold it as Junior blew by him.

So there you go, Junior Nation, your boy is back in victory lane. Yee-haw.

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