Dale Earnhardt Jr.! Batman! Your vote will mean everything!

So you might have heard that there's a Batman movie coming out this summer. (No, he's not in The Avengers. Totally different companies. Come on.) Anyway, to celebrate the movie, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the 88 team will be running a Batman scheme at the June 17 Michigan race. And here's where you come in: you get to vote on one of the designs! Really! It's true!

It's a bracket-style elimination, so you get to vote twice, once on the Batman one above vs. the Bane one below:

The next poll pits the Batman shield against one of Junior's own design:

So, how do you vote? Go right here to the Facebook page and sign up and all that jazz. First round ends May 18, so get on it.

Naturally, since this contest intrudes on the domain of the comic book fans, they're having their say too. The "Comic Book Movie" comment thread attached to a post on this immediately devolves into a Batman-vs.-Avengers fight that's the comic world's version of Junior Sucks/Junior Rules, i.e. nobody wins, nobody convinces anybody of anything and everyone ends up looking stupid. But here are a couple gems:

Wildaniel: "Danica Patrick should get Catwoman on her car, lol." (Did you REALLY laugh out loud, Wil? Really?)

Marvel72: "maybe the nascar will crash & burn just like the dark knight rises. you never know." (The last Dark Knight flick did over a billion in box office. If "the nascar" does similarly well this year, it'll be fine.)

Ha1frican: "I feel like the promo money could be better spent on something OTHER than [frick]ing NASCAR." (Good point. Dark Knight folks, give us a call right here.)

The Beard: "He should have put the Avengers on his car back in April, he might have won a race." (Hey, at least one person knows the backstory here.)

Anyway, go vote. And go see The Dark Knight. We'll all be happy.

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