Create-a-caption: 'Okay, what if we both take three tires?'

Juan Pablo Montoya and Jamie McMurray have a bit of a discussion about something -- how awful Montoya's sunglasses are, perhaps. Surely you can come up with what they're talking about. Surely.

After the jump, a bunch of Indy winners talk shop.

Horatio Caine (yeeeeeaaaahh!):
Bill Elliott to all, "I was selling out these races when you guys were bumming gas to put in your cars to get to high school."

Rick C:
Sam Hornish Jr. proves that he needs to lean up on something..a wall, a trophy, another driver, etc...

How many of these people needed a refresher course on how to find Victory Lane?

Juan Pablo keeps the tops of his tennies free and clear so he can be prepared to run from the young girl whose sunglasses he swiped.

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