Create-a-caption: 'OK, so ... you good? Can I go now?'

David Gilliland checks in on AJ Allmendinger after the last-lap spin that COST US ALL A CHANCE AT A CLASSIC FINISH ... sorry, got away from myself there. Anyway, what might these fellows be saying to one another? You know, don't you?

After the jump, Dale Earnhardt Jr. tries to rally the troops.

"Come on, guys! The race is about to start! Tell me where you hid my car!"

"I don't agree, guys. Martinsville is a "home" track. We should be wearing the light colored uniforms."

Dick Smothers:
Junior stares at his pit crew wondering what the low-five behind-the-back was for.

Crew: That's a long line, Junior. We've always wondered, does it look as long when you're in the back of it?

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