Create-a-caption: 'Hello, Bristol!' 'Dega.' 'Dega, right. Sorry!'

Jeff Burton, Kurt Busch and assorted other NASCAR folk meet the people. And what might they be saying? You know, don't you?

After the jump, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. talk wins. Or something.

Mister F:
Johnson: Congratulations, Dale, you got the pole. Now Give me my horseshoe back.
Earnhardt: Yeah, man, I've been meaning to ask you about that. You think that horseshoe makes my butt look big?

JJ: "Hey, I don't know why they hired you, either... But you're here, and Rick says I'm supposed to work with you on improving. So I'm just going to keep talking -- and you keep nodding -- and then when Rick leaves, you just walk away, OK?"

Junior: Jimmie! Jimmie! You weren't lying to me! The gas pedal is on the right! That's how you guys win so much!

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