Create-a-caption: I got your inspection right here, NASCAR

Kurt Busch, facing off against some of NASCAR's finest. What could they possibly have to talk about? You know, don't you? Best answer wins a pothole in their driveway.

After the jump, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Lance McGrew plot race strategy.

I just don't get it. I grew me this here beard but everybody still recognizes me.

Jessy S:
Lance, here is my strategy for 2010. I cut off my elbow like so, and I become a charity case.

So I just keep turning left, right? No, I mean I ... now wait ... this is my left, right?

We're gonna veer left at the end of the garages and pull a hook pattern back towards the lake. Cut right sharply, then rush across the alley. And THAT is how you avoid the Danica Media Pack. [Strangely enough, this exact route would work. --JB]

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