Create-a-caption: 'Could be worse. Could be a pothole.'

Crews lay down some sand during the K&N's 3 Amigos Tequila 125 Saturday at Phoenix. But that's the real description. Come up with something funnier, you!

After the jump, Jimmie Johnson gets some cooking lessons from Mario Batali.

"If you can flip a pancake, you can totally heft a tire onto lug nuts. Seriously, even Jeff Gordon's guys can do it. Please take the job? We're getting desperate."

Due to a recently emasculated crew, Mario finds no shortage of ingredients as he prepares Chad's mountain oyster recipe.

Richard T:
This would've been a lot easier if Hendrick didn't ban Jimmie from handling sharp objects after the 2009 24 Hrs at Daytona.

"Jimmie, not everything tastes better with vanilla in it."