Create-a-caption: Which car should we watch out for again?

Boy, if only there were some kind of way to determine where Brad Keselowski was on the track at any given time. Something like a large floating arrow ... Anyway, have fun with this one, folks. High degree of difficulty after our recent easy pink Kyle one.

After the jump, the easy pink Kyle one.

Dick Smothers:
The funny thing is not the ridiculous firesuits that Kyle's team is wearing, but that is sporting a picture of Carl Edwards on his car.

With full apologies to the guys of Monty Python:
I'm a driver, and I'm okay.
I'll work all night and I slept all day.
I'll drive my laps. I eat my lunch.
I sit down in the lavatory.
When "Sam" wants to, I take her out
for nice things and drink tea.
I'll drive my laps. I skip and jump.
I like to doodle flowers.
I put on women's clothing
And hang around in bars.
I'll drive my laps. I'd wear her heels,
But don't you fret
This is just the start of a deal
With Victoria's Secret.

Nathan B:
Crew chief: "Who doesn't love love? I don't FREAKIN' love love, you jackholes!"

And everybody back away from frank very slowly:
That freakin KRY-BABY-KYLE-PUSS even his tears are PINK when he KRY'S bogger eaten moroon. gu gu ga ga freak of nature hahahahhahahahahaahahahaha loser

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