Create-a-caption: Brotherly love in the pits

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick Kurt Busch, in the pits so happy together. What could possibly go wrong here? Certainly you can imagine, can't you? Have your say here, friends.

[UPDATE: Friends, this is why you should always check your work. The photo library identified this as Busch and Harvick, and since my mind is still keyed to think of Harvick in the red-and-yellow Shell car, I dutifully typed it in as such. All of which is to say I deserve all the abuse you can heap upon me, and more.]

After the jump, Jimmie Johnson is getting Shakespearean.


‘Alas, poor Chad’: Jimmie Johnson gets Shakespearean at Bristol
‘Alas, poor Chad’: Jimmie Johnson gets Shakespearean at Bristol

Ghost in the Ruins:
Did someone crap in my helmet? Newman!!!!

Really, Kurt? Thumbtacks in my helmet is your revenge?

My helmut! My helmut!
My kingdon is my helmut!
Consider its use; to protect me!
To enable me to be victorious!
...oh yeah...and let me listen to Chad...

Evan T:
Alas! Alas! This helmet that I do wear. May it protecteth me in mine battles. May the race track, my opponents do share.

And the "some people try, and some people are scared to try and thus bust on those who do try" award to Nadia:
Shakespeare has to be rolling over in his grave. These grits are barely literate.

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