Create-a-caption: 'By 2005, we'll both be retired, right?'

A classic from the archives -- Tony Stewart and Mark Martin, chattin' it up before a race, way back in 2002. What might these fellas be discussing? You know, friends, you know.

And fear not -- we'll be getting a fresh new crop of captionable photos before too much longer. One of the many benefits of a regular season starting up.

After the jump, Kevin Harvick considers his options.

Richard: You see, Kevin, it's like this, we want to move in a different direction with this team.
Kevin: I don't understand. Different direction?
Richard: the winners circle.

Delana says to tell you I want a raise, cars for both of us, a pony, a Birkin bag, and a new sponsor 'cuz this color scheme makes her look fat.

Childress: "Sure. I can probably convince NBC to give you the 10:00PM spot. "

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