Craziest Moment: Kasey Kahne slaps wall while battling for lead with Kyle Busch

With 33 laps to go in Saturday night's Southern 500, Kasey Kahne was racing for the lead with Kyle Busch when he hit the wall in turns one and two after Busch entered the corner to his inside.

To that point, Busch had driven away from everyone who dare crept close to his bumper, but Kahne took the lead off a restart just two laps earlier. As Busch dove to the inside entering turn one, he was unable to accrue enough momentum to drive alongside of Kahne and his car washed up the track. Immediately after that, Kahne's car snapped loose on him and he was in the fence.

Did Busch make contact with Kahne? As incredulous as it may seem, it may be inconclusive. It sure looks like there could have been slight contact between the two cars as they went through turn one, but a zoom angle from Kahne's pit showed nary a scuff on the left rear-quarterpanel of Kahne's car. If they didn't make contact, the disruption of air on Kahne's spoiler from Busch's quick move would have likely been enough to send him around.

"I cleared him getting into three so I had the outside and then I saw he entered so early I knew he was going to not be able to turn when we got to the corner," Kahne said. "And I was going along and next thing I knew I was spinning."

Sunday at Talladega, Busch bumped into Kahne and set off the race's first big accident. That crash was reminiscent of Daytona, when Busch got into Kahne's back bumper, sending Kahne around and causing the 500's "Big One."

"I don't know. Three times this year me and Kyle have had contact and I've had capable of winning cars so it's disappointing on the points side and not winning some of these races," Kahne said. "But that was close racing. He entered so early and he was just going straight for the corner. So, whether he hit me or just blew the air off, whatever it was, he blew his entry and I'm not real sure what he was thinking on that."

Busch finished 6th, while Kahne was 17th.

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