Craziest Moment: Dale Earnhardt Jr. misses pit road

Getting on pit road at Dover under green can be tricky, just ask Matt Kenseth.

Plus, Sunday's race had three caution flags, all for debris. Thus, the wildest moment that didn't involve rubber on the track was Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s miss on pit road.

Junior was leading the race when he slowed down to pit. It was immediately apparent he was forcing the issue to try and get to the pits as quickly as he could, but he was too quick and couldn't turn the car down inside the commitment box before it was too late.

That meant he had to accelerate and make another lap around the one-mile track before he was able to pit.

The miscue dropped Junior from the lead to eighth place, but he quickly worked his way back to the front. However, Jimmie Johnson used a two-tire pit stop to pull away from Junior over the race's last 26 laps to win.

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