Could there be a race coming to New York City after all?

NASCAR wanted to put a race in New York City. Badly. But attempts to place a track on Staten Island fell through, and now the closest NASCAR gets to the Big Apple is (shudder) Pocono.

But this may not be the end of the line for racing in New York City. Bernie Ecclestone, F1 head honcho, wants to help create a New York Grand Prix in 2012. And even though it would be in New Jersey, it'd have the lovely New York City skyline as a backdrop.

If you don't count typical highway driving, the United States hasn't hosted a Grand Prix since 2007 in Indianapolis. Phoenix and Watkins Glen have hosted F1 at various times since 1961.

But, as with every other endeavor, everybody's got their eye on New York City. "Fifteen minutes from the center of New York to the circuit would be marvelous," Ecclestone told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Knowing how New York politics work, I'd put the odds of this happening at 50-50 at best. Still, if they could race down Broadway and around Central Park, it'd be on.

Ecclestone hoping for 2012 New York Grand Prix [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

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