If you could go to one Sprint Cup Series race this season, what would it be?

Hypothetical time. You have no travel restrictions. You have no budget restrictions. You don't have to worry about vacation days. You have tickets at the start finish line about 40 rows up. But you only have tickets to one race. Which 2013 Sprint Cup Series race do you choose?

Oh, and for the purposes of this discussion, the Daytona 500 isn't eligible, because we all know that it'd be the overwhelming favorite.

Do you choose Talladega? You're not camping in the infield, however, so because of that, the race may lose some of it's luster. Or does the allure of restrictor plate racing overcome that? Is the option the Bristol night race? Or have the open seats and the surface changes at the track rubbed some of the luster off of the race?

Is it Indianapolis because of the track's history? Or does the sometimes snooze inducing racing and the inability to see across the track to the backstretch scratch that? Homestead because it's the final race of the season and you'll get to see the 2013 champion crowned? Texas because of all of the activities on the track grounds? Dover or Kansas so you can go to the casino immediately afterwards?

Drop us a line in the comments below. And as for me? It's none of the tracks mentioned above. I'd want to introduce myself to the Lady in Black.

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