Contractor says that Kyle Busch owes him money

When Kyle Busch launched his truck team, he was expecting a full season of funding from Miccosukee Indian Gaming and Resort, a Native American casino in Florida that had been a sponsor in NASCAR for years. However, when the Miccosukee tribe elected a new leader, they decided to pull out of NASCAR, leaving Busch to piecemeal sponsorship together for his two trucks.

It's unclear if that situation has any bearing, but now a subcontractor working on the construction of the new building for Kyle Busch Motorsports has filed a lien against the building project, saying that he’s owed money.

Paul Davis of Creative Carpets LLC said he filed a mechanic's lien against the general contractor Friday. Davis said he is owed $60,000 for installing roughly 18,000 square feet of carpet and flooring.

"As a business, I can't function," he said, adding his suppliers won't give him more materials until he pays them."I'm spending more of my time chasing my money than making it. And in this economy, I can't do that."

Davis said he filed the lien because he'd grown worried that he might not get paid the full amount he is owed. He said Busch's attorney told him "one group was going to walk away unhappy."

According to the Charlotte Observer report, a blue tarp has been placed over the KBM sign at the site, and the main contractor says that KBM owes $3 million. A meeting has been scheduled for mid-May.

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