Conor Daly’s car goes airborne into catchfence at Monaco GP3 race

Conor Daly's car went airborne into the harborside catchfence after running up the back of the car in front of him during Saturday's GP3 race at Monaco.

Daly, a 20 year-old American driver who competed in the Indy Lights Series last year, was unhurt. The race was stopped after the crash because of the repairs that were needed for the fence.

He had been attempting to set up the pass on Dmitry Suranovich, the driver ahead of him, in the previous corners, and as the two drivers traded dekes, Daly's car closed quickly as the two exited the tunnel and he launched over the left-rear wheel and into the catch fence while virtually perpendicular to the pavement. After landing -- right side up, thankfully -- his car then slid into the inside wall. (At impact, a portion of Daly's car was above the fence, a scary sight.)

A possible reason for Daly's quick closing speed? Look at the back of Suranovich's car; there's no rear wing on it. Before the crash, Suranovich had been black flagged by officials to pit for repairs to the car. After the race, he was excluded from the race's results.

That section of the Monaco track, which is generally regarded as the trickiest on the Formula 1 tour, also produced a nasty crash last year, when Sergio Perez lost control coming down the hill and uncontrollably skidded into the barrier just past the chicane.

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