Clint Bowyer did yoga at Dover Saturday morning

It's been quite the stressful few weeks for Clint Bowyer and Michael Waltrip Racing. And yoga is supposed to be a stress reliever, right?

Bowyer did yoga Saturday morning at Dover as part of a fundraiser for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Bowyer has pink on his car this weekend for breast cancer awareness and tried a little downward dog pose. And then got the microphone taken from him.

Unfortunately, he didn't take up Danica Patrick on her offer.

But thankfully no one was very close to him either.

We expect this to become a weekly tradition. If soda cookies can entice Tony Stewart to do the splits and Clint Bowyer's well on his way to becoming a yogi, Junior can take up yoga, right? We'll even be willing to purchase Diamond Dallas Page's DVD.

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