Clint (Bowyer) has Clint (Eastwood) on his new helmet

Clint on Clint.

Before testing (finally) kicked off at Charlotte Motor Speedway after the rain subsided and the track was dry, Clint Bowyer tweeted a picture of his new helmet with Clint Eastwood on the back of it. It's pretty freaking awesome.

Now, should we give Clint Bowyer a new nickname? "Blondie" could work given his hair color. "Man with No Name" really wouldn't work because then we'd be calling a man with a name "Man with No Name", and that takes more effort than just saying "Clint Bowyer." Thoughts?

And because you know that we're not averse to boring, tired and cliche jokes, we have to wonder if Clint Bowyer will now talk to his empty driver's seat before every race now.

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