Chase drivers + '80s hair-metal cheese = a win every time

There's nothing like some '80s cheese to get your day started right, and it's tough to get any cheesier than the hair-metal ballad "To Be With You," Mr. Big's ode to sloppy seconds. But the cats at Speed did their best, with this gem that combines Speed hosts with some very uncomfortable-looking NASCAR drivers. Dig on it, and make sure you watch all the way to the end:

Interesting how -- hmm, how should I put this? -- white most of these drivers are, isn't it? Greg Biffle is the only one who even seems to know how to chord a guitar properly. Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch can't even tap a tambourine in rhythm, Kurt Busch gets bored halfway through, and Matt Kenseth, as you'd expect, can't even be bothered to pick up an instrument.

That said, this rules. More, please! Do Winger's "Headed for a Heartbreak" next!

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