Charlotte to serve 6.5-lb burritos, 6-lb burgers at All-Star Race (Updated)

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The track that gave us the Funnel Bacakonator is back with some more crazy concessions.

Charlotte Motor Speedway announced Friday that it will serve a 6.5-pound burrito and a six-pound burger during the All-Star Race weekend on May 15-16.

Yes, those measurements are in pounds and not ounces. If you're looking for something less hefty, you can always go with the candied bacon on a stick the track introduced with the burrito and the burger.

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First, the details on the burrito.

The "Crank Shaft Burrito," which will cost $25, has four tortillas, 1.5 pounds of beans, 1.5 pounds of cole slaw and 3 pounds of pulled pork. It also has a half-pound of cheese sauce plus a quarter-pound of jalapenos and "more" baked beans, slaw and pork. If you're scoring at home, you'll notice that the ingredients add up to more than 6.5 pounds, so depending on the amount of "more," you could score a seven-pound burrito.

The burger is the "Speedway Picnic Burger" and has eight quarter-pound burgers and eight hot dogs. It also contains 1.5 pounds of pulled pork and a pound of bacon, though it only has eight slices of cheese. We were hoping for 10.

It also includes lettuce and tomato, but really, you're not buying that burger for the vegetables, are you?

In the press release announcing the food, the burrito was listed at 1,685 calories and the burger at 2,156. Shortly after the post was initially published we got an email from Kevin, a reader, questioning the calorie totals by a significant amount. It got our brain spinning – and it should have been immediately spinning – and we reached out to Charlotte Motor Speedway and Levy Restaurants for comment.

Tuesday, we received revised calorie totals from Levy, citing a "mix up." The burrito is now listed at 5,047 calories and the burger is now listed at 6,209 calories. Yes, those totals are approximately three times the initial estimates.

At $35, the burger nets you 177.4 calories per dollar while the burrito is approximately 202 calories per dollar at the speedway's values. Yes, when you're a former fat kid you sometimes do these type of calculations to see what gets you more caloric bang for your buck.

The burger is also wrapped in a tablecloth for the full picnic experience, though we're just thinking it's because the lines between napkin and tablecloth become blurred when you're wrapping food of that size.

The track promotes both items as shareable, however we've got a feeling that there will be many people attempting solo conquests. In this age of American gluttony we won't truly be amazed unless someone eats them both in a two-hour timeframe. We guarantee someone is going to try it, and if you're that somebody, let us know. Because at more than 11,000 calories combined, you're not going to be able to do it without getting sick.

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