Carl Edwards updates Facebook with his side of the story

Another season, another Carl Edwards flip drama. As soon as Edwards' collision sent Brad Keselowski flying into the Atlanta dusk on Sunday night, the screaming began -- was it intentional? Was it payback? Did Edwards realize he could've killed somebody?

Edwards took to Facebook to explain himself, and the answers were, in order, yes, yes and no. In short, Edwards himself confirmed what everybody already suspected:

My options: Considering that Brad wrecks me with no regard for anyones safety or hard work, should I: A-Keep letting him wreck me? B-Confront him after the race? C-Wait til bristol and collect other cars? or D-Take care of it now? I want to be clear that I was surprised at his flight and very relieved when he walked away. Every person has to decide what code they want to live by and hopefully this explains mine.

So there you have it. Carl Edwards likes the frontier justice. (And there's video evidence showing he may have a point.)

On a related note, no, Carl is not interested in playing Farmville with you, though he'd be happy to rub someone out in Mafia Wars. Poke him.

Carl Edwards Fan Page [Facebook]


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