Carl Edwards named to President's Council on Fitness

So it turns out, working out is good for you. Huh. Who knew?

Carl Edwards, NASCAR's most famous advocate of gettin' buff and ripped, has been named to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. (Wait a second! NASCAR's not a sport! And no NASCAR fans are fit or nutritious! Man, Carl Edwards has his work cut out for him!)

"This year we’re expanding the work of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition to include not just a focus on active lifestyles, but on healthy eating, too," said Michelle Obama in a press release announcing the whole deal. "The Council will play an important role in our effort to help combat childhood obesity in this country and I am grateful to the athletes, chefs, doctors and nutrition experts who are volunteering their time on the Council to help make a difference." (For the sticklers among you, that photo is from last summer's NASCAR White House visit.)

If "President's Council on Fitness" sounds familiar to you, there's a reason for that — this is the program that most of us went through back in elementary school, doing pushups and pullups and the like. So, yeah, you can see why they'd want to keep that going, what with the chubby kids these days and their video games and Twitter and whatnot.

Edwards is one of many notable names added to the council; his fellow councilors include the NFL's Drew Brees and Tedy Bruschi, Olympic gymast Dominique Dawes, and the NBA's Grant Hill and Chris Paul. For more info — all joking aside, this is a great program — check out

So when your kids come home and flip backwards off the sofa, then say they learned it at school, you'll know where to place the blame.

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