Carl Edwards, Joey Logano join 'Destroy, Build, Destroy'

Two of the primal drives of the human psyche are building stuff and breaking stuff. We bow, then, to the Cartoon Network show "Destroy, Build, Destroy," which, as you can guess from the title, is all about deconstructing Shakespeare's late-period historical plays.

On Wednesday night at 8:30 Eastern, Carl Edwards and Joey Logano will join host Andrew W.K., he of "Party Hard" fame, to break stuff, build stuff, and break some more stuff. The show involves two teams competing to break something big, rebuild it into something new, and then blow it all to hell. (I sure hope it's Pocono. Or at least Fontana.)

No telling who won, but I wouldn't be surprised if Andrew W.K. got spun into the wall at some point during the proceedings. Check it out Wednesday night to see.

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