"You can't tell me Kansas didn't like that one, that was exciting"

If there's anything in NASCAR that can top what Ron Hornaday Jr. and Johnny Sauter did at Kansas Speedway on Sunday in 2010, then NASCAR and its fans have had an incredible year. Heck, it may be one of the top moments in the history of the Camping World Truck Series.

Yes, it was that good.

I'd seen Ron was going to charge in there and the big deal here in lapped traffic is to overdrive the corner and that thing will take off and push real bad," Sauter said.

"I just rolled out of the throttle early and Ron charged it on in there and I knew that we'd have momentum on our side by the time we exited the corner, I could beat him. But apparently we tried to make it three wide--I don't know what it was--four wide or whatever it was and he got into me and I couldn't but sit there and think while I was trying to save it and correct it that 'that darn Hornaday got me again'." (You may remember Sauter and Hornaday's appearance in "Feud of the Week" after their dustup at Martinsville)

Heck, I was convinced that he'd gotten him again too. When he hit the wall, I thought surely that the spoiler had been shoved to the left and the truck would be undrivable. Instead, the spoiler was untouched, and only the right rear corner was crumpled in.

"Did I hit the wall? To be honest with you, I didn't--my biggest fear was after he got into me and I saved it and I straightened it out and I kept going, I was like 'ok, this is either going to be A. really bad because the toe is completely knocked off or we had a flat tire' and I took the next two laps and kept taking it easy thinking I was going to have a flat tire."

Nope, Sauter didn't have a flat tire. But Hornaday's tires were spent, as Sauter cruised to just over a 5 second victory.

"And it kept going, kept going, kept going and finally I didn't believe it until about six laps into the run and I saw Ron kept getting smaller and smaller in the mirror and I said 'if we don't get a caution, we've got this race won' but you know, I'm the first one to tell you that if a caution had come out there, me and Ron would have both been in trouble because our trucks had so much damage. I just got really loose there at the end and it's unbelievable stuff right there."

Indeed, Johnny, Indeed. If you don't like that, you're not a racing fan. Those were two of the best saves in quite some time and they happened simultaneously.

*headline by Ron Hornaday, Jr.

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