C-a-c: Rollin' down the street, smokin' tires, sippin' on chocolate milk

Jimmie Johnson and Snoop Dogg hanging at a Super Bowl party. (I cropped out Nick Lachey. Sorry, Nick.) Anyway, what on earth could these two have to talk about? You know, don't you?

After the jump, Kurt Busch and NASCAR officials have a little meeting.

Richard T:
Officials: So Kurt, how was your offseason?
Kurt: Fine, except Kyle kept parading around with that Nationwide trophy at family functions, so I had to bring the Cup trophy over to put him in his place, and remind him Jr won 2 of those BEFORE he came to Cup.

The final rounds of picking teams for Nascar dodgeball are always tough.

The New Pips just could not follow Kurt's lead.

Official: "Watch what happens when I ask for Rusty's autograph."