C-a-c: ‘At that moment I realized my life would never be the same.’

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

So this is some strangeness: Fred Savage, Christian Slater and Jimmie Johnson, together at last. Ah, Hollywood. Anyway, rock a caption to this one; do some homework if you need to so you can get some good "Pump Up The Volume" and "Wonder Years" references going. Go!

After the jump, Danica Patrick auditions for the Globetrotters.


Yeah, uh...you guys have some filthy minds, you know that? We could only use about one-tenth of what you wrote. Anyway, here we go:

"Change the name to the Danica Patrick Go Daddy Globetrotters and I'll make a few appearances per year."

Rob Hutton:
If I drop this it's your fault.

"He just spins hard — he's spun hard every time I've been around him and it seems like overkill. If your finger is good you'll spin the ball, if your finger isn't, you'll not be able to spin and that's just a lot of being a circus clown."

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