C-a-c: 'Junior said, "I think we can win the Chase!" Ha ha!'

Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick, gettin' their giggles on. Don't blame me for the headline above, Junior Nation; they're the ones that said it. (Which one? I'll never tell.)

Anyway, have at it with the captioning here. After the jump, Greg Biffle has his eye on you.

With miniature puppies no longer the mainstream fashion trend...Mrs.Kennedy is sporting the latest craze in her backpack....the Mini-Biff.

Vaffanculo with several fine entries, including:
The Biff says, "This is what happens when you try to go four wide into the Hall. Two of you are going to get squeezed out."

No longer running up front, Biffle regrets his decision not to pay the extra charge for the line hopper pass.

Lesa France Kennedy wanted to fold, but the Biffle on her shoulder kept telling her to "go all in."

And pumped_cobra lets us a little too far into his head:
It's a shame to have Brian France and Junior Johnson in the same photo. That would be like Richard Simmons looking over my shoulder right before he was sucking on my elbow.

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